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The Scotia Kennel is a breeder of German Wirehaired Pointers. As our name implies, The Scotia Kennel was named after our family heritage, my mother was almost entirely Scottish, and my father’s family emigrated from England to Nova Scotia, which means, “New Scotland” in Latin. Our Scotiadawgs are born and raised in Oregon, in a loving environment with affection and boundaries.

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We’re committed to the health and well-being of GWPs, and to your peace of mind.

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We talk to the legends of the sport, and give you the tips to create an awesome life with your purebred dog.

September LIVE@5! Lightning Round w/ Laura

Laura will be bringing the “back to school” into the dog fancy, so bring your burning questions! See you on the 6th!

Be sure to check out the many episodes archived at PureDogTalk for more tips and tools.

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Pure Dog Talk is the premiere podcast about purebred dogs. We talk to the legends of the sport and give you the tips and tools to create an awesome life with your purebred dog. From showing to preservation breeding, from competitive obedience to fieldwork, from agility to therapy dogs, and all the fun in between — your passion is our purpose. We bring you the legends of the purebred dog world, in their own words and voices.

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  • I do enjoy this show immensely. I’m in a rural area, and just started showing in 2010. I feel a bit isolated, sometimes. It’s great to hear the history, the passion and the ideals of people in this realm.
    Lisa Wright
  • Best podcast!! I'm a novice in the dog world and I learn so much by listening to you guys! Hope to start my own kennel in Sweden in a couple of years and I'm going to use a lot of your tips then! Thank you!!
    Linda Ergon Hellsvik
  • The knowledge that is available in these podcasts is amazing! We are so lucky to live in an age where we can learn straight from the judges, breeders and top handlers yet be across the country from them!
    Bev Hofschulte
  • Informative, thoughtful, and entertaining. Recommended for all dog enthusiasts.
    Saylor Gunn
  • I flipping love this show. It's great for both the aspiring novice, and seasoned owner. The topics are varied, and touch on many subjects relevant to the purebred dog fancier. And the host is down to earth, funny, and very enjoyable to listen to... her enthusiasm and honesty make this podcast a joy to listen to.
    Terri Lewin
  • There is no other place to hear the reality of our sport from icons with decades of experience. From conformation to health and welfare. PURE DOG TALK satisfies us all!! It’s like a perfect presented and to the standard dog. Priceless!
    Jason Hoke
  • I look forward to listening every week! Extremely informative on so many topics. Can’t recommend it enough!
    Tracy Dineley

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The voice of purebred dogs. Your passion is our purpose.

Pure Dog Talk is the premiere podcast about purebred dogs. We talk to the legends of the sport and give you the tips and tools to create an awesome life with your purebred dog.

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